How To Decorate A Brick Wall In The Living Room

How To Decorate A Brick Wall In The Living Room

Your living room is your favorite room in the house, but it’s also the room that gets the least love. It’s hard to believe that walls can be so forgiving when you’re hanging them with the neighbors! You can easily update your wall colors to fit your eclectic decor, or even transform a drab room into a show-stopper with a few simple changes. To help you get started, here are some ideas on how to decorate a brick wall in the living room.

Make Brick Wall Living Room

If you’re feeling thrifty, or you just don’t have the room for tons of wall hanging, a simple built-in shelf can easily turn an otherwise drab wall into an eye-catching feature. If you don’t have the room for a built-in bookshelf, a simple closet door can work just as well. A simple wooden box can be the perfect size for storing all of your favorite books and decorations.

If you love kitschy things, a bucket of balloons or an inflatable ball can be an excellent way to bring fun and color to your living room. If you’re feeling more festive, why not hang a few mistletoe-style strands along the top of the box to bring in the winter? When it comes to decorating a brick wall, there are endless possibilities.

Department Sparta

If you haven’t already, give your living room a makeover with the help of a talented friend. Ask your friend to draw a plan for the walls in your living room. Once you have a mental image of the wall plans, draw a dotted line down the middle of each section.

Next, draw a straight line diagonally across the top of each section. Now for the fun part: Trace the lines you drew on the paper and cut out the pieces. Glue them together to form a wall.

Country House Lounge

Decorate your cozy living room with country-themed wall decor. Add vintage farmhouse decor pieces like a rocking chair, crib, toys, or an old wooden bucket. Take your pick from a vast array of country-themed fabric swatches provided by Fabric Store by Mail. If you’re not a vintage fan, some modern fabric pieces would work just as well.

If you’re not a fan of country music, try adding a touch of rock or alternative with some indie music playing on a turntable or a full-on jam session with friends.

When it comes to country party walls, there’s really no wrong answer. You can choose from all sorts of decorating ideas for a wall that can be as simple as painting it white with a few yellow accents, or you can go all out with a bold and bright paint job.

Jolly Living In The House

If you’re looking for a simple way to bring a bit of joie de vivre to your boring old living room, a colorful stuffed animal could be just the thing. Simply select the most vibrant animal you can find (a pig, a lamb, a cow, or a piglet are good options) and then use a pattern to trace the animal onto heavy-duty plastic. Cut out the plastic and place it in a large clear plastic bag. Once all of the animal pieces are traced, fill the bag with ptomaines and tie off the bag.

Staging in Manhattan 

When you’re looking for a unique and elevated way to brighten up a drab wall, try staging in Manhattan. If you have a large living room in your apartment, try to find a wall that is at least 12 feet tall. This will give you plenty of room to stage and create a truly impressive entrance for your guests. If you don’t have a large living room, you can always scale the wall back down to make a very modest staging area.

Decorator Showcase

If you’re feeling especially crafty, try to incorporate some of the elements from your favorite crafts in your decor. If you’re looking for a hands-on way to help your living room walls transition from room to room. Try to use the tool that came with your birthstone: the carving tool.

Make Studio Living Room Wall

If you’re looking for a more personalized way to brighten up your studio apartment walls. Try to incorporate some of the things that make you happy into your decor. If you’re a lover of bright colors, bold patterns, or fun textures, try to incorporate these elements into your design. If you have a tendency to collect things like mason jars and vintage toys, you can always add a whimsical touch to your decor.

Lowry Steam Lofts 

If you have a small balcony or a small balcony that wraps around a corner. You might want to consider transforming it into a wall-mounted feature. If you’re feeling extra crafty, try to incorporate an element from your favorite crafts in your design. If you’re looking for a hands-on way to help your living room walls transition from room to room, try to use the tool that came with your birthstone: the carving tool.


Decorate your living room brick wall in a way that highlights the beauty of your home. Use the ideas in this article to add color and character to the walls, and make your home feel more like home. Use decorative items that you love to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room.

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